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RM7.50 - RM30.00
40g Thin Paper Embroidery Interfacing Stabilizer With Single Sided Glue (60178)
Price RM7.50 - RM30.00
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Paper Embroidery Interfacing Stabilizer With Single Sided Glue. To stiffen the fabric and provide better result for handmade bag. Just iron with heat and it will stick on the fabric.

Size per meter : about 100cm x 100cm / 39 inches x 39 inches
Weight : about 40g/m
Price: for 1 meter & 5 meters

-Please allow +- 3-5cm variation due to manual cut
-Color may have slight different due to lighting and devices factor.
-Incase not enough stock, we will contact and discuss as we sell on other platforms and physical shop, sometime stock stated may not be accurate. Alternatively, you may chat with us for stock confirmation.

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