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Air Erasable / Water Disappearing Marker Pen
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Fabric marker. Removing your markings is just as easy as applying them. Simply wipe away with a damp cloth or sponge OR let the markings evaporate within 48 hours.Versatile paint markers that work great on paper, glass, metal, wood, plastic, vinyl, rubber, stone, concrete, leather, canvas, fabric and more. 
 White color: usually act as immediate eraser if you do not want to wait for air evaporate or water vanishing for other darker colour markers.  White mark is abit sensitive to surface, not all surface has obvious mark. Can use on dark surface like denim, knit, leather, PU, Poly etc. Need to wait few seconds for the line to appear. If you need to draw on knit / poly / Cotton surface, we have another type of heat evaporate white marker which provide better result.

Colour: blue, pink, purple, white, yellow and green.
Price for 1 piece.

 -Colour may have slight different due to lighting and devices factor.