Welcome to Love and Craft Fabric Shop, We have 500+ printed knit fabrics and plain, 500+ Cotton and Canvas fabrics and various handmade accessories & sewing tools.
About Us


Driven by the passion to support and encourage creativity and artistic personal development, Love and Craft is an exclusive art and craft shop, a unique fabric and accessories retailer that focus on selling and distributing a broad array of sewing accessories, needlecraft, clay art, zakka décor, jewellery parts, hair accessories and stationery items for multi-purpose use. Last but not least, we also organise a series of classes for everyone who is passionate about sewing and clay moulding. Therefore, we aim at providing you with an all-inclusive solution to feed your specific demands and needs.


Although our company has embarked on its business venture in 2008, Love and Craft have paved a successful way to its commendable feat within these seven years of continuous development and refinement. We have begun our way as a humble start-up selling handcraft supplies and accessories to a limited number of people. In the wake of the current rising interest towards arts and crafts among masses, we could achieve great results in developing our business through diversifying of our production range, establishing strong rapport with customers and setting up a supply chain. Focusing nowadays more on Malaysian market, we keep expanding our business off shore. We have contacts with foreign counterparts in Asia, US and Europe.


Highly dedicated to support and inspire creative and artistic individuals whose life passion is handcrafting, we – Love and Craft envision ourselves in future strengthening our position as a worldwide company dealing with a tremendous amount of orders and a leader of Malaysia’s handcraft supplies industry. Therefore, our current mission lies in maintaining strong rapport with our individual customers as well as shops and stores to whom we supply our products. To achieve it, we set our objectives as to keep our quality standards at the world level of acceptance, to maintain logistic systems and supply chains impeccably good and to diversify our products range from time to time. We value our customers’ choice, taste and demands and therefore do our best to follow up with the best possible services. Hence, our guiding principles are originality, commitment, integrity and transparency.


Being fully aware of your passion towards sewing and other sorts of fun handcrafting, we are eager to offer you an all-inclusive solution to help you reveal your true creative nature. Here you can find materials, accessories and supplies for variety of activities.

We sell diverse range of:

  • Cotton Knitted fabric (Major product)
  • Fabrics (cotton, canvas, waterproof, leather of all sizes)
  • Buttons (wooden, resin, vintage, iconic, fabric covered and many others)
  • Laces/ribbons/embroidery patches/ tapes
  • Variety of other accessories such as key chains, bag handles, hooks, rings etc.
  • Hair and jewellery accessories

    Further more, we also offer a range of Zakka home décor, scrapbooking papers as well as Korean style stationaries.

For those who are interested in developing creative skills, we are glad to offer you special classes of sewing and clay moulding!

Find your own way to create a unique world of artistic beauty! Contact loveandcraft@hotmail.com and find out more today!